What’s your favorite place in Australia?

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Backpacker Robert traveled in 2008 in Australia for four weeks. He started in Sydney en went via the south to the center of Australia and ended up in Cairns. He traveled most of the time by bus, what his favorite way of transportation in foreign countries is. What are Robert’s five favorite places in Australia?

1 Sydney

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Sydney was my first place to visit in Australia and it was a great place to start. Take a stroll in the harbour area, check out the beautiful Opera House, visit one of the many neighbourhoods, check out the nightlife, or climb on the famous Harbour Bridge. Sydney has plenty highlights, all waiting to be discovered.

2 Kings Canyon

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Kings Canyon is part of Watarrka National Park, near Uluru and Alice Springs in Northern Territory. It’s a scenic landscape of rugged ranges and gorges that is home for an array of plants and animals. Kings Canyon is probably Australia‚Äôs most spectacular canyon and is one of my personal highlights of my Australia trip.

3 Great Barrier Reef

Even seasickness and cloudy weather couldn’t spoil my one day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. I always dreamed of visiting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, but it was even far above my expectations. It’s beautiful bright and colourful and the number of fish, coral and other wildlife is countless.

4 Melbourne

Melbourne is a real visitor friendly city and has a lot of highlights to offer. Melbourne’s city center is a spectacular combination of old and new architecture and looks great from any angle. Visit the beautiful parks, check out the great nightlife, or discover St’Kilda and it’s beaches and it’s fairground.

5 Daintree National Park

Near Cairns you can visit the Daintree forest, what is an natural gem. Across the Daintree River you can visit Cape Tribulation, what is an area of breathtakingly-beautiful rugged mountain ranges and rainforest that tumbles down to the beach. Daintree National Park has a lot to offer and is almost a “must-see”, when visiting Cairns.

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