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People who travelled in the tropics know what I’m talking about. Why do people in tropical countries go full throttle when it comes to using the airconditioning in cars and busses?

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Last week I guess I had the worst ever. Our cab driver in Kuala Lumpur tried to get the indoor temperature into “modus minus”, going from the city center to the international airport. Besides the bad driving, he didn’t understand how to manage the airconditioning. Maybe he thought he did us a big favour with the goosebumps on every part of our body. Shame I didn’t bring my jacket into the car, because I really could use it, ……like a shawl, a hat and gloves..

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In most tropical countries, airconditioning is a luxerious product and not everybody is lucky enough to use it often. But if they can, like in cabs and busses, they make sure they use it to the max. Worst it gets in Latin America and Asia, where people like to freeze every ride I guess.

Isn’t it great, travelling tropical countries with winter clothes from last trip to the snow in your backpack? Get use to it, because you will run into this inconvenience during travelling the tropics with public transportation and all the other vehicles you travel with for sure.

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