Number Eight Guesthouse, Kuala Lumpur

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During our visit to Kuala Lumpur we stayed three nights at Number Eight Guesthouse. The guesthouse is Located in Kuala Lumpur’s city center, just two blocks from Jalan Bukit Bintang and one block from the famous Jalan Alor with its many food and hawker stalls.

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We had a nice stay at Guesthouse Number Eight. The hostel’s staff is friendly, but sometimes it felt like they were too busy to help us out. They did gave us tips about the city and the surrounding area and how to use public transport. Only critical point was that we had to switch rooms during our stay and got a room what felt a bit like living in a broom closet.

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The Guesthouse is perfectly located in a nice street in the city center of Kuala Lumpur. It’s just a few minutes walk from the mono rail station, and some of Kuala Lumpur’s best shopping malls. Number Eight is also one block from the most yummie street of Kuala Lumpur, the world famous Jalan Alor. The exterior and the interior of the guesthouse look very nice, what sometimes gives a kind of boutique feeling to it.

Guesthouse Number Eight does serve a nice but basic breakfast.

Our first private room was clean and spacious. Our second private room was clean, but felt a bit lake a broom closet whit a shower. The private rooms all have A/C, but no TV, but there’s a TV in the living room for common use. The terrace in front of the guesthouse is ideal for meeting other travellers and offers a pleasant atmosphere. We would stay at Number Eight Guesthouse again, but only if we can have a room at the front side of the building.

Historic Centre Hostel has free wireless internet for guests.


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Quote form the owners: Our aim is to provide budget accommodation with an emphasis on comfort and style. We have chosen a spacious traditional Asian shophouse and modified it, with restraint to accommodate up to 54 guest in rooms of various configurations…

Visit for more information Guesthouse Number Eight’s website


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