Hotel Kuna Niskua

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During our visit at San Blas we stayed for three days at the Kuna Niskua Lodge. The charming lodge is very basic and is Located in centre of the island Wichub Wala, just a 20 minutes by boat ride from Porvenir.

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We had a great stay during our visit at the Kuna Niskua Lodge. The staff is very friendly and they take loads of time to give tips about the area and took us to the other islands in the area whenever we wanted to. All of them speak Spanish, what makes it, if you speak it, a pleasant stay.

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The Lodge is perfectly located in the heart of the island, between all the houses of the little Kuna village. The exterior and the interior of the Lodge looks nice and is, besides the concrete floor, build like the houses of the Kuna people.

Kuna Niskua Lodge does serve a basic but nice breakfast and a great Kuna style diner.

Our private room was cozy but not really spotless. The room had a small balcony in front of the building, where you could nicely relax and overlook the village. Our room had an ensuite bathroom. The Bathroom wasn’t very spacious and the shower head was placed on midget height, but it was decent enough for taking a cold shower to refresh. We would certainly stay at the Kuna Niskua Lodge on Wichub Wala again and highly recommend this place!

Don’t expect too much of the lodge, because in this case it’s not the accommodation but the experience that counts. Wireless internet for guests on Wichub Wala…? Nope!


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